Special Events Menu

    • Appetizers ~ Elő Ételek

    • Hortobágyi Style Meat Crepe (Hortobágyi Húsos Palacsinta)


      Crepe filled with shredded sautéed chicken with Paprikás sauce Hortobágy Style

    • Fried Cheese (Rántott Sajt)


      Fried Cheese served with Hungarian style Tartar dressing and white rice (Vegetarian Friendly)

    • Taste of Huszár


      Huszár’s own wooden platter of smoked meats and imported cheeses, served with peppers, tomatoes, hardboiled egg, special sauce, and grapes.

    • Soups ~ Levesek

    • Hungarian Goulash (Gulyás)


      Hungarian Goulash beef stew with potatoes, tomatoes, and traditional seasonings

    • Chicken Broth Soup (Húsleves Daragaluskával)


      Chicken Soup consisting of broth and farina dumplings

    • Rich Chicken Soup (Húsleves Gazdagon)


      Chicken soup with meat, vegetables, and farina dumplings

    • Creamed Onion Soup (Hagymakrémleves)


      Creamed Onion Soup topped with shredded cheese & homemade croutons (Vegetarian Friendly)

    • Salads

    • Red Cabbage Salad (Káposztasaláta)


      Fresh pickled Red Cabbage Side Salad

    • Entrees ~ Foetel

    • Mushroom (Gomba) Paprikas


      Mushrooms in a sour cream paprika sauce over nokedli (dumplings)

    • Gypsy Pork Loin (Ciganypecsenye)


      Gypsy style garlic infused boneless pork loin with slab bacon strip and fried potatoes

    • Lecsos Steak


      Grilled eye of round steak with house specialty lecso sauce made from tomatoes, peppers and onions served with fried potatoes

    • Bakonyi Pork or Chicken


      Bakony style pork or chicken cutlet with mushroom gravy sauce served over nokedli (dumplings)

    • Chicken Paprikás


      Stewed Chicken with sour cream paprika sauce over nokedli (dumplings)

    • Lecso


      Sauteed peppers, onions and tomatoes served with potatoes or rice ( Vegetarian Friendly )

    • Stewed Beef (Marhapörkölt)


      Stewed Beef and gravy over dumplings (can substitute for smashed potatoes)

    • Desserts

    • Palcsinta


      Hungarian Crepes, filled with choice of Apricot Jam, Strawberry Jam, Nutella, or Cottage Cheese

    • Gundel Palacsinta


      Famous Hungarian style Crepe filled with Apricot Jam, Ground Walnuts, a hint of rum, and served with home made chocolate sauce

    • Rétes


      Strudel made in house, with choices of Sour Cherry or Apple

    • Krémes


      Hungarian version of a Napolean with Lady Lock dough, vanilla custard and fresh whipped cream (when available)

    • Chocolate Torte


      Chocolate sponge cake with chocolate butter cream icing (when available)

    • Somlói Galuska


      Homemade Chocolate, Vanilla and Walnut sponge cake, tossed with pudding, walnuts, raisins and grapes, topped with whipped cream and chocolate sauce

Come join us!

Celebrate St. Stephen's Day with Huszar and the Hungarian Room Committee of Pitt's Nationality Rooms! Two seatings at 6 p.m. and 8 p.m with a terrific prix fixe menu including salad, bread, choice of chicken paprikas or stewed beef, plus dessert! Guests will enjoy the wonderful live violin playing of maestro George Batyi! Tickets are $30. Space is limited and reservations are required. Please fill out this form. It has all the details!

Also note, Huszar is closed until August 18th.